Why Does My Home Need to be Retrofitted?

House-boltingHomes foundation is the main support and back bone for the rest of the house. If it is not level, intact, and properly bolted, it can result in many problems, such as, floor sagging or sloping, an entire part of the house to sag, and can cause cracks and fissures both cosmetically and structurally. The best thing you can do is have your foundation retrofitted BEFORE any damage occurs, once the foundation has been compromised, it can be a costly and  cumbersome problem to fix.



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There are many ways with which your foundation can be strengthened to resist damage and having one of them done BEFORE there is damage is a wise investment to make your home a safer place to live and raise your property value. Here at California Foundation Works, we have dealt with every kind of foundation, so there is no worry if you have a complex foundation, or a regular one, we are ready and able to handle any type of foundation.

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Older homes were never constructed with proper supports to withstand earthquake damage, and other damage that can occur due to environmental causes. Whether your home is older, such as this, or has already incurred damage from one of these causes, a solution is available. Having cracks, unleveled areas, water damage, shifting of windows and doors are some of the signs that will alert you to the condition of the foundation below, and should be looked at by a professional foundation expert right away.  You will catch the problem, hopefully, before it becomes a serious risk, and save yourself both money and unsafe living conditions.

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Feel free* to contact us today at (323) 418-2239 for your free* home inspection anytime to make sure your house is safe. We will be happy to send out one of our licensed foundation specialists right away to start making your home a safer place for you and for your family. These measures will give you peace of mind, raise the value of your home while saving you money at the same time, and let you rectify small problems that could otherwise become overwhelming.