New Spotlight on house bolting – Sill Bolt and Plate Washer Interference

washersDespite the widespread use and familiarity of structural connectors, when not installed properly, they can become a source of headaches on job sites. As a field representative, I am often called to the jobsite to help resolve problems that arise when connectors are either installed incorrectly or used in unsuitable applications.Most of the time I get called because a building inspector has flagged a mistake or written a correction notice. These installation errors can impact the load capacity of connectors and create callbacks and long-term problems if not corrected. While there are other factors that can contribute to these problems, there are some common application and installation mistakes that easily can be avoided.

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Here are two examples:

Sill Bolt and Plate washer interference Typically only a standard cut washer and hex nut are needed to attach mudsills to anchor bolts. But in recent years, the codes have Studs, rim board and joists often have to be cut or notched to relieve interference, which can weaken framing members and add extra time and cost (see Left).

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Fortunately the codes recognized this issue and now allow the washer to be slotted for adjustability (see Right).
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