How The California Drought Affects Your Foundation

A drought dries the soils to the point where severe settlement of the home can lead to critical structural damage. During droughts such as the California drought, your garden or yard may suffer soil shrinkage which might cause foundation damage.Foundation Damage

Drought-related foundation damage is very common in areas that experience drought such as Southern California.



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How the California drought causes foundation problems  

(1.) During the drought as the soil loses moisture, it begins to crack.

(2.) As the soil cracks, it  pulls away from your home’s concrete base.

(3.) The cracking and pulling away causes cracks in the basement walls and floor.

(4.)  And your home’s structural integrity is compromised when the concrete slab cracks.

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How to know if your foundation is having drought related problems

(1.) Cracks on the interior and exterior walls

(2.) Doors and windows not opening or closing properly

(3.) Gaps between walls and floor

(4.) Uneven floors

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Preventing drought related foundation damage

Preventing foundation damage which may be caused by the California drought is almost impossible but you can guard your foundation against major structural damage. Pay attention to cracks on the walls, sticky doors and windows, uneven floors and gaps between walls and floors. When you notice any damage , Call California Foundation Works on 3230 418-2239 for a free* professional inspection for homeowners.