Improve The Marketability of Your Buildings!

marketabilitySellers of residential buildings are always looking for ways to make their properties more marketable. One way to improve the marketability of your buildings is by performing a seismic retrofit (earthquake retrofit) PRIOR to the sale.

In addition to improving the marketability of your buildings and causing buyers to view the building as a more valuable asset, lenders will regard the property as a more secure investment since the Probable Maximum Loss (PML) in the event of an earthquake is lower than buildings without comparable seismic retrofitting.

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Avoid business loss, disruption or relocation

The loss from an earthquake can be devastating both to your property as well as the people in it. Many organizations have had to cease operations temporarily or permanently due to the destruction caused by an earthquake or collapse of a roof due to condensation damage. In these cases, the profitability of a property can be dramatically reduced because of:

* Loss of life
* Medical costs
* Litigation from employees
* Cost of temporary relocation
* Loss of tenants
* Loss of assets within the building
* Loss of building productivity, building use and  overall business operations

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California Foundation Works assists property owners with planning to reduce or eliminate these devastating losses by performing a seismic retrofit, roof condensation repairs, and/or structural repairs.

Call California Foundation Works for a free* seismic inspection, foundation repair questions or concerns. We are happy to answer them!