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Hillside Pool Caisson

Equipping your Los Angeles property with a pool is a great way to enjoy the year-round sunny weather and raise your property value. However, hillside pool owners usually have reservations about undergoing such a project. Many hillside property owners think that they don’t have enough safe usable yard space.

Discover how you can equip your LA property with the pool of your dreams by using caissons as support for hillside backyard expansion.

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Hillside Pools in LA

Many LA homeowners fear that hillside backyards cannot be used for pool construction. The key to creating usable hillside yard space is hillside stabilization. Hillside stabilization allows for pools to be built on inclines of 45-degrees or more. This creates the opportunity to expand usable backyard living space and integrate many different hillside pool design options.

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Many Los Angeles hillside pool owners wish to have an infinity pool installed. Infinity pools create a vanishing effect that makes the water appear as though it is spilling over the edge. Waterfalls are another option that suits a hillside setting. However, there are many pool choices to explore. The key to achieving a hillside pool in your LA property lies in hillside stabilization. There are several trusted professional solutions contractors turn to achieve this.

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Achieving Hillside Stabilization

Retaining walls are one option for stabilizing your hillside property and expanding your backyard space. They can be made out of concrete that is designed to match the property. Caissons are another excellent solution for creating secure and usable backyard space for your Los Angeles hillside pool installation. Many LA hillside homes benefit from the addition of this form of a permanent support structure.

Caissons and grade beams are often installed to support retaining walls or achieve hillside stabilization on their own. These foundation support systems are made by placing concrete and reinforced steel in a deep shaft hole. The reinforced concrete piles are cast in the holes drilled in the layers of soil and rock. This allows for hillside stabilization that prevents water pressure interference or soil collapse. Therefore, caisson installation is a trusted hillside stabilization method.

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Hillside Pool Installation

Hillside pools need specialty installation that requires engineering pumps and construction materials. Therefore, professional hillside pool contractors are mandatory.

A professional contractor will walk homeowners through the hillside stabilization process. They can select the best method of achieving hillside stabilization while keeping in mind the design of the backyard living space.

There is a wide range of different foundation structures that are considered caissons. Caissons can be floating, open, or pneumatic. They can also be deep or shallow, large or small, and either circular, square, or rectangular in the cross-section. There are also different construction materials for the structures. Therefore, there is a lot of customization available for Los Angeles property owners who wish to achieve hillside stabilization to install a hillside pool.

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Why Us?

At California Foundation Works, we’re happy to build the pool of your dreams. Our pools are designed with integrity to securely maximize your usable backyard space. Our team of expert contractors is well-trained to handle your hillside Los Angeles property needs. Discover how caissons can make your LA backyard pool dreams a reality.

Our team emphasizes communication, which means we’ll consult the homeowner every step of the way to ensure that the project meets their exact needs. That way, there will be long-lasting and attractive results to enjoy for decades to come. We always operate with top-of-the-line products and materials to deliver premium services.

It’s our mission to fortify LA homes and prevent issues from occurring due to handling projects right the first time. Call today to discuss your greater Los Angeles area contracting needs. We’re happy to answer all questions and explore options within your budget.

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