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4 Common Yard Drainage Problems

A soggy lawn might not initially appear to be a major problem, but it can quickly escalate to cause a major headache for Los Angeles homeowners. Landscape drainage problems can lead to extensive damage and expensive repairs. Fortunately, LA homeowners can save time and money by identifying common yard drainage problems. Discover common Los Angeles drainage problems and trusted solutions.

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LA Yard Drainage 101

Backyard drainage problems may become evident if homeowners notice soggy yards. This can lead to a muddy disaster for parents and dog owners, as well as cause unpleasant side effects. Oversaturated vegetation can die, while irritating pests such as mosquitos choose wet areas to breed. However, issues can quickly escalate once the water enters the home.


Muddy yards and pest infestation are annoying, but internal structural damage can lead to foundation repair or replacement. Moisture intrusion in the home can also cause mold, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful substances to breed. This can cause health problems for residents, while long-term water damage can weaken the building’s structural stability. That’s why it’s essential to identify and correct landscape drainage problems as soon as possible.

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Pooling Water Problems

One common drainage problem that can swamp vegetation and ruin your Los Angeles landscaping is water pooling in the yard. One way to address this problem is by digging a swale or artificial creek. Filling a trench with gravel is one effective way to gather pooling rainwater and redirect it to an appropriate reservoir. Low spots in the property that are collecting too much rainwater can also be transformed into rain gardens. These provide a purposeful place for water to drain. Planting strategic greenery around the yard can also help with excess rainwater runoff and provide an attractive way to amend soggy landscapes.

Additionally, if water is pooling in your yard it could be both helpful and cost-effective to reduce your watering schedule. Many LA homeowners choose to run their yard watering on a scheduled sprinkler system so it may be beneficial to reduce the frequency of watering. An additional cause of landscape drainage problems and soggy yards is a drainage system failure. Installing a drainage system such as a French drain, channel drain, or trench drain is a very effective way to permanently address yard drainage failure and remedy soggy yards.

Yard Slope Issues

Another backyard drainage problem that could result in water pooling in your LA property is an improper slope. For the rainwater to avoid lingering on the property, the water needs to be directed away from the home at a proper angle. Yards need to be sloped at a correct angle so that water is directed away from the property and into an appropriate channel, such as a water reservoir or sewage system.

The slope in the yard can change over time due to issues such as soil erosion. Soil grading is a trusted solution for properly angling the yard. It is also important to look at the quality of the soil. Sometimes the soil isn’t absorbing enough rainwater. Strategically mixing in more absorbent soil or looking at planting greenery to absorb water can help to correct slope and drainage issues for your Los Angeles property.

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drainage gutter

Gutter Complications

Another common yard drainage problem for Los Angeles homeowners involves issues with gutters. A simple cause of gutter failure is that it has been clogged. That’s why regular yard maintenance and routine gutter snaking are essential. Homeowners should set reminders for routine yard maintenance work and inspections. For those who lack the time to routinely attend to backyard drainage problems, another option is to hire a contractor to handle the routine maintenance work.

There are other issues that homeowners can experience when it comes to gutters. If water runoff is causing yard drainage problems, there is a chance that the downspout is not extended far enough. It’s also necessary to ensure that the water is being properly redirected away from the home. When the water isn’t being redirected to an appropriate channel, it can pool around the home and cause issues. Fortunately, fixing the downspout is an easy fix that often works well with yard grading services to ensure that the water is redirected at a proper slope to exit the property and not pool and cause damage.

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Paved Surface Problems

Additionally, paved surfaces can serve as areas for landscape drainage problems. If a heavy LA rainstorm has left your driveway, walkway, or sidewalk flooded, there are fortunately effective solutions for remedying this issue. Channel drains and trench drains work well on paved surfaces. These drains can be integrated into the property design to compliment the layout of the yard.

Water pools on paved surfaces because it doesn’t have a more appropriate outlet. Channel and trench drains are equipped to rapidly remove large quantities of rainwater and prevent them from pooling in paved surfaces and entering the home. Retaining wall installation is also an excellent way to secure a property and ensure that it is properly graded. In turn, this allows excess rainwater to always be redirected away from the home and yard so that it can’t cause damage to your LA property.

Professional Solutions

Don’t risk the structural stability of your building by allowing common drainage problems to escalate into major issues. At California Foundation Works, we’re able to install all drainage systems on the market. Our extensive list of yard drainage solutions includes French drains, sump pumps, soil grading services, channel and trench drains, Flo-Wells, atrium grates, catch basins, gutter services, crawl space vapor barriers, and more!

Our team of contractors brings decades of experience to every project. We value communication, efficiency, and quality as we work with homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area to keep their buildings fortified for many successful decades of enjoyment. We collaborate closely with homeowners to address individual needs within budget while meeting all codes and requirements for a safe and secure home. Call today to get started on your home or property renovation, repair, retrofit, or drainage system installation!

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