What Can I Do to Avoid Foundation Damage?

Every homeowner knows the vital role of a home foundation. A poorly constructed home foundation is prone to destruction and causes a low property value. It can also lead to complicated issues and expensive repairs.  Foundation problems are caused by moisture due to contraction, tree roots, poor soil compaction, soil erosion and variations in temperature. If you don’t want to experience any foundation damage, you have to know the preventive methods.

There are multiple ways to avoid foundation destruction, and it depends on how you apply them. Solving the different issues related to home foundation doesn’t require too much effort. All you need is concrete knowledge of the foundation components and causes of damage and a comprehensive understanding of the various repair solutions. According to experts, one of the best ways to avoid foundation damage is to ensure a suitable drainage. Water should always be directed away from the house. To do this, it is best to use drain spouts and gutter to avoid water from mounting up on the roof, pooling near the structure or running down the walls. You also need to guarantee that the ground surrounding the house is graded to incline away from the structure. As much as possible, you can install drainage channels or moisture barriers to prevent water from leaking into your home.

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Another best way to avoid foundation damage is to repair any plumbing issue. Moisture build-up from dripping toilets, faucets and pipes can also lead to foundation problems. As a homeowner, it is your obligation to inspect your plumbing, sewer lines and sprinkler systems. If you see any damage, immediate repair is a must. You also need to maintain soil moisture at a constant level. Soil can spread out and contract when it dries. This condition can cause multiple structural weaknesses and can destroy entire features of your house or property.

Some homeowners prefer to install a root barrier to prevent damaged slab or other unwanted conditions. In case you have planted shrubs or trees near your home, placing a barrier should always be considered. This can prevent roots from budding under the foundation of your house. Before you plant trees or shrubs, make sure that they are far enough from your structure. Another way to prevent any foundation damage is through proper sealing of your home. This can help in preventing moisture and air.

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If there are various cracks or other foundation damages, asking assistance from experts can be a great option. They can help in solving your issues through cracked slab repair methods. What you don’t want to do settle for a strictly cosmetic repair. While this will save you some money at the current moment, down the line, the condition causing the problem still exists and can worsen, causing much greater damage and more costly repairs.

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