Wet Weather Is A Big Problem For Los Angeles Homes

Wet weather is a big problem for Los Angeles homes because it tends to affect the properties very negatively. drainage problems

Wet weather in Los Angeles tends to cause water pooling, runoff, flooding, erosion or foundation damage. The following are ways in which Los Angeles homes are vulnerable to problems that come with the wet weather:


Most houses in Los angeles are built on the type of soils called expansive soils.Expansive soils are soils that significantly expand or shrink depending on the water content. This expansion and shrinkage of the soils can cause a lot of problems for homeowners because if a home is built on expansive soils, it’s foundation might easily get damaged by the frequent change in moisture in the soils surrounding it.

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Los Angeles Homeowners with houses that are built on hillsides are very familiar with the problems that the wet seasons can bring. A home that is built on a hill without any preventive measures will experience a lot of problems such water runoff, flooding, erosion. To prevent these problems, a professional has to inspect the hillside property and then recommend some solutions such as a retaining wall or drainage system to prevent any of the aforementioned problems.

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Flooding is the collection or the overflow of water into an area. Floods can occur anytime and the presence of canyons, ravines and basins make it easy for mudslides to occur. A number of  houses in Los Angeles are very susceptible to flooding simply because they lack the proper drainage systems to adequately drain the rainwater. The use of french drains, rain gutters and sump pumps will prevent many of the problems associated with flooding.

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