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Water Damage Solutions

LA homeowners will do whatever it takes to protect their property value, which is why water damage is the number one enemy of many homeowners.

The rainy season can lead to untold disaster, as improperly drained water can cause damage to the structure of the home and the surrounding yard. Discover the top water damage solutions for Los Angeles homeowners to fix your problems once and for all.

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Protect Your LA Basement From Water

The basement is one area of your LA home that often shows signs of water damage. From damp crawl spaces to salt deposits on the walls to a moldy smell in the air, water intrusion in the basement needs to be handled quickly. Basement water damage can easily invade the entire structure of the home and lead to serious structural damage.Water intrusion in the basement is almost always related to drainage system failure.


French drains are the number one yard drainage solution for keeping water out of the yard and thus away from the basement. However, there are also basement waterproofing solutions such as crawl space vapor barriers or installing interior drainage tiles. Sump pumps are another popular drainage installation choice that LA homeowners choose to equip in their basements to prevent floods.

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Deal With Standing Water In Your Yard

While basements are one area of the home often affected by faulty drainage systems, the entire yard can suffer from yard drainage problems. Perhaps homeowners have noticed exterior signs of foundation damage such as concrete issues due to standing water. Water can also cause death to vegetation, which can ruin landscaping. Likewise, it can and lead to pest infestation in the yard, such as mosquitos.

It’s important to perform a routine yard inspection and ensure that all areas of the yard are fully functioning. That means checking that gutters are properly cleaned and drainage systems are unobstructed. Any broken grates should be mended or replaced. All excess water must be able to flow away from the home to an appropriate channel. In some cases, soil grading services might be needed to create an appropriate slope in the yard.

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Water damage

Los Angeles Surface Drain Solutions

There are additional yard drainage solutions that Los Angeles homeowners can install to prevent water from entering their homes. French drains are installed in the ground and prevent water from getting into the basement. Meanwhile, surface drains, such as channel drains and trench drains, are installed around areas of concrete. These simplistic drains are excellent at rapidly removing sheets of surface water.

Many LA homeowners choose to install surface drains around their driveways so that water can be caught and channeled away from the home before it can enter it. This prevents water from getting into the garage and basement areas. Surface drains are also popular around swimming pools and walkways. Surface drains are reliable for preventing flooding on LA properties, which makes them excellent to have in the event of flash storms.

Additional LA Yard Drainage Solutions

Other yard drainage solutions that can protect your LA home and property include Flo-Wells, atrium grates, catch basins, drain boxes, rounded grates, and pop-up emitters. There are also additional solutions, such as soil grading services that slope the yard to ensure that excess rainwater doesn’t flow into the home. Meanwhile, rain gardens can be built to provide natural basins for water to pool into rather than entering the basement and damaging the property.

Oftentimes, a combination of these drainage systems will work best for homeowners depending on their specific problem. For example, a yard drainage system can be installed in combination with a rain garden so that excess rainwater can then be channeled to the rain garden rather than pooling on the property or entering the home. Many homeowners then choose to stylize their rain gardens to blend into their property and integrate their LA yard drainage system seamlessly into their landscaping.

Let Us Help You Fix The Water Damage

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