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Wall Crack Repair

The last thing that any homeowner wants to discover is a foundation crack in their property. If you discover a crack in your LA property, it’s important not to fill it in before an inspection. Many people think they are improving their homes when they might be concealing a potentially dangerous issue.

Discover what you need to know about cracks and crack repairs to ensure that your Los Angeles property is structurally stable for many successful decades

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Cracks In Your LA Home

If you’ve spotted a wall crack on your Los Angeles property, you’re probably wondering if it is a surface issue or an indication of a serious problem.

When it comes to cracks, either option could be true. That’s why all cracks in your LA home must be inspected to assess if you are dealing with a foundation crack or a less severe issue.

door crack

Why do cracks form in the home? Typically, cracks appear due to ground movement. While a degree of settlement is expected for any home as it ages, issues such as clay shrinkage, seismic activity, local construction, and intrusive tree roots can affect the stability of the building. Soil condition contributes significantly to the structural stability of the home as well, because it expands and contracts due to moisture level. This can create pressure on the home’s foundation and cause cracks to form.

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Guide To Identifying Cracks

Wall cracks do not always indicate serious foundation issues. The good news is that some wall cracks only require quick and noninvasive solutions. However, cracks can indeed be an indicator of a potentially serious foundation problem. The best way to determine if a wall crack is an indication of a larger issue is to book a professional inspection. This will put the homeowner’s mind at ease and avoid concealing a warning sign of foundation damage.

While the average homeowner likely lacks the professional eye needed to assess crack damage, there are various types of cracks that can indicate a more serious issue. Many cracks that are clustered together in a group are often a sign of potential foundation issues. Cracks that are especially wide, horizontal, or located around doorways and windows can also indicate a more serious underlying foundation issue. Additionally, discoloration around cracks can be an indicator of water damage.

Simple Crack Solutions

It’s normal to feel panic when you discover a crack in your home. After all, purchasing a home is the most significant investment many people will make in a lifetime. However, not all cracks are an indication of something serious. It is normal for new homes to experience settlement in the first year or two following construction. This can lead to the formation of thin, small cracks around the building.

Analyzing the direction of the crack can often help determine its seriousness. Horizontal cracks are more likely to indicate a foundation issue. However, vertical cracks that run along the drywall might not be as severe. If a trained professional assesses the situation and determines the wall cracks are non-threatening, then the repair process is fortunately quite simple. The cracks can be remedied by having the joints re-taped. However, it is not recommended to fill in the cracks with spackle, as the issue is likely to return with this method.

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Dealing With Foundation Cracks

If your LA property is filled with horizontal cracks, unusually wide cracks, or an excessive amount of cracks, more invasive repair methods are likely needed.

Horizontal cracks that do not run in the same direction as drywall could indicate foundation issues or problems such as water damage. If this is the case, then professional solutions are required.

Professional contractors can evaluate your Los Angeles home to determine the cause of your foundation issues and foundation cracks. Solutions can involve foundation repairs or replacements or supportive solutions such as the installation of a sister foundation. Additionally, other services such as drainage system installations and repairs can remedy issues such as water intrusion. However, it’s important to attend to cracks professionally as soon as possible.

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Understanding Crack Safety

The danger of covering up cracks without a professional inspection cannot be stressed enough. Cracks can be an indication that the structural stability of your home has been severely compromised. Ignoring cracks could lead to a continued deterioration of the home’s structural stability, which can cause repair costs to significantly rise. If the foundation reaches a certain level of damage, expensive foundation replacement methods might be required.

Foundation cracks can also jeopardize the lives of building residents. LA homeowners understand the threat of seismic activity in the area. When it comes to earthquakes in Los Angeles, it’s not a question of if but when. That means it’s extra necessary for LA homeowners to inspect their homes regularly and book a professional inspection if they notice cracks inside or outside of their homes.

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