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Understanding The Causes of Foundation Damage

Foundation Repair

Understanding The Causes of Foundation Damage

The durability of a house relies on a solid foundation. As the base of the house, the foundation secures the building to the ground. If the foundation of integrity is upset, a host of problems can subsequently adversely affect the house and its stability. It’s important to understand why foundation crumbles and what to do if you spot deterioration.

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Why Does Foundation Weaken?

Why does foundation deteriorate in the first place? Humidity has a tendency to adversely affect foundation, which can cause it to weaken and deteriorate. Over time, this lowers the resistance of the concrete and lessens its stability. Early warning signs of foundation damage include foundation cracks, white powder, basement humidity, brittle joints in concrete foundation blocks, concrete falling off, exterior cracks, and bubbles in the foundation. Be sure to regularly inspect your foundation in order to pick up on warning signs. Addressing the issue early will prevent costly repairs in the future.

What Causes Foundation Crumble?

Foundation deterioration is a major issue because it can put residents at risk. It also adversely affects property value. What causes the foundation to actually crumble? Several factors can cause lasting home damage. In addition to humidity, urban development is known to cause concrete damage. Concrete is more susceptible to weakening when the house is located in high traffic areas. The geographic area also plays a role in the house’s stability due to factors such as soil composition, which affect the stability of the concrete. Lastly, concrete has evolved over the past century. Older houses were likely built with a weaker concrete mixture, which means their foundations likely need to be repaired or replaced. Regulations have become more strict in recent times, making newer homes more likely to be adequately secure.

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How to Address Foundation Damage

Foundation damage is a sensitive issue, and homeowners will benefit from having an expert evaluate their situation. Trained professionals are needed to assess the foundation damage and determine the extent of the renovation in order to maintain the building’s integrity.

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Mild to Moderate Cases

In less severe cases, foundation repairs can be performed in order to strengthen the building. This involves reinforcing the existing foundation by removing all deteriorating parts and applying a new concrete coat. With this method, only the damaged parts will need to be replaced. This type of repair can be beneficial for long-term structural improvement and is considered to be less costly.

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Foundation Crack

Severe Cases

However, major structural damage will call for a complete foundation replacement. If the house structure is at risk, the building will need to be lifted so that the existing foundation can be removed and replaced with a newer foundation. Though this solution is more expensive, it is permanent and will ensure that the house has a foundation that meets current code standards. In order to avoid major repairs, it is advisable to regularly check your foundation for signs of damage.

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