The Winter Effect on Your Property Foundation

Los Angeles residential and commercial property owners may not recognize the adverse impact that the winter season has on the structural integrity of their damage

A cracked foundation could result in leaking water, unevenness, large cracks on stairs or wall surfaces, and other structural problems. Foundations which are covered in soil and have ground cover may be less likely to experience heaving, but uncovered foundations which are exposed to air will not fair so well.

The shocking realization is that foundation damage happens before temperatures reach the freezing point. The homeowners inability to differentiate between cold and freezing could lead to more significant damage to the foundation. When the temperature falls under 40 degrees Fahrenheit for three sequential days, the possibility of damage is magnified.

Unfortunately, foundations in Los Angeles are exposed to colder weather conditions, much lower than previous years. Meteorologists predict that cold weather will continue despite warm air that is traveling from the Caribbean. This warmer weather is causing the ice caps to melt covering more of the earth causing the earth itself to absorb less heat and therefore to be more cold. The average climate will still be low enough to cause foundations in Los Angeles to crack.

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As a result of colder temperatures, ice will freeze beneath the surface causing frost heave. Frost heave takes place when the ice becomes restrained by underlying soil and eventually solidifies into the shape of a lens. These ice lenses are strong enough to crack pavements and damage the building’s foundation. The ground will ultimately heave because these sub-freezing temperatures are breaking into frost susceptible soil. With enough moisture, the soil will not be able to withstand the weather.

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Despite the risk that cold weather creates, there is a way to lessen the risk of foundation damage caused by low temperatures. Residential and commercial property owners can protect their investment by installing a proper drainage system that will remove excess water from pooling around the foundation. These types of drainage systems will move the water away from the foundation and cause the heaving to occur away from the foundation and keep the ground in one piece. This helpful tip may prevent the need for future foundation repair.

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It may be hard to prevent foundation problems before they start. Our expert team of foundation specialists at California Foundation Works can help Los Angeles residential and commercial property owners by performing a free*, no-obligation foundation repair estimate. Call us today!