The Cost of House Foundation Repair

foundation-repair-problemWhen we think of a home with a foundation problem we think of how much of a hassle it can be to have it repaired. At the first sign of damage you should contact a contractor night away for an inspection and repair cost estimate.

How do they come up with an estimate?

The contractors take many factors in mind when calculating the estimate for the repair of your foundation. After they have done their thorough inspection, they will asses the damage and determine how it will take to fix the foundation. 
Before calling a contractor, you should have at least three different offers to compare costs. However, it should not automatically go for the cheapest quote. You should consider the nature of the materials they use, and the reputation of the contractor. Sometimes it is worth paying more in order to get a better quality job. Remember, it will cost you more to have the job redone due to inferior work. Another factor that will determine the cost is the area in which the damage is located. Certain areas of the foundation will cost more to repair than others due to hard access.
When people have their foundation repaired, they typically opt to take on other home repairs at the same time. These services often include pest control, earthquake retrofitting, and the installation of seismic anchor bolts. These services will cost you more money; however, it will allow you to have all the necessary services done at one time instead of at different times.

Foundation repair will cost you money. Most people require payment plans and/or loans for this kind of problem, though it is a good idea to see if homeowner’s insurance will cover some of the expense.

If you wish to go ahead and get a foundation Repair, we offer a Free* inspection with no obligation to you, We are here to help you make sure, that your home is seismically safe and there is no hidden danger that might jeopardize you or your loved ones. They can be contacted by phone at (323) 418-2239, or via their website,