Structural Tips When Buying a Home

prevent-costly-foundation-repairs-for-los-angeles-homeownersThere are many aspects one must check when buying a home. Structural integrity is one of the most important. Structural issues, poor crawl space conditions, foundation cracks or damage, and basement problems can indicate major problems under the surface that must be addressed before committing to the purchase, or at least the purchase price.

Some common things to look out for are cracks in the walls, around doorways and windows both inside and out, cracks along the outside walls along the seam of the house to the foundation, cracks in the concrete around the property, retaining wall cracks or foundation cracks, uneven floors, sticking doors and windows. Other things to look out for are dead grass that may be an indication of water pooling in certain areas or cracked walkways and cracked sidewalks due to tree roots. Any dampness in the walls, crawl space, basement or anywhere else could also be an indication of a water issue which could indicate a more severe issue within the foundation.

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These could be indications of settling soil, settling foundation or settling foundation footing, and water infiltrating the foundation or causing the soil to shift beneath the foundation. Water issues can also cause poor health conditions such as mold and can attract unwanted pests and vermin. In addition to foundation repair and concrete repair, we also offer a wide selection of drainage solutions to mitigate water issues.

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When considering a home for purchase, these are some of the most obvious things you can look out for that can either help you in the negotiating process or prevent you from making a bad investment. You can schedule a foundation inspection, when we will thoroughly inspect the foundation underneath the home and the surrounding grounds to find any small or major issues the property may have.

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If you are concerned regarding foundation cracks, concrete cracks or retaining wall cracks, drainage issues or water issues, or any other concerns you may be having, call us anytime at California Foundation Works (3230 418-2239 to schedule your free* inspection anytime.