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Retaining Walls For Backyard Expansion

Square footage doesn’t come cheap, and everyone wants to get the most out of their space. While changes can be made around the house to open things up, you might find yourself stumped as to what to do about the steep slope eating up precious outdoor yard space. Fortunately, there are ways you can reclaim your yard and get the most out of your property through yard expansion methods such as a retaining wall installation.

What Are Retaining Walls?

Do you have a hillside yard that creates an unusable backyard space? A retaining wall might be the perfect solution for your backyard expansion.

Retaining walls increase the usable space in a yard by flattening the base of the slope. They support soil laterally, retaining it at multiple levels. Retaining walls are excellent for slope repair in hillside properties since their design allows them to retain sloped soil and expand the yard area.

retaining walls

Overall, retaining walls serve several simultaneous purposes. They can offer yard expansion, stabilize hillside properties, and prevent landslides. The yard space retaining walls add can be used in many different ways, such as for landscaping, gardening, or patio space. Retaining walls also offer added earthquake stabilization for sloped properties.

However, since there are numerous hillside yard codes in Greater Los Angeles, homeowners should consult a professional soil engineer for retaining wall installation.

Retaining Wall Benefits

Retaining walls offer the benefits of slope repair and yard expansion. They are durable and reliable support structures that drastically expand a sloped yard securely. And the great news is they can be customized to offer different designs to elevate the appeal of the yard. Since many use the extended yard space for patios and gardens, you will quickly find yourself on track to a beautiful yard.

Retaining walls can also be used for safety purposes, as they prevent soil and rocks from succumbing to gravity and spilling off your hillside yard. They offer the stability required for platform installation, which is needed for a patio or a pool. Retaining walls create structural security to prevent any added structures from sliding off the property, creating an expanded and secured backyard space. They also guard the property against dangerous weather threats to protect the structure and residents.

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Slope Repair Installation

Though professional installation is needed, retaining wall installation requires careful planning and design.

The results mean more usable yard space and an attractive landscape in a relatively short turnaround. Before you start any retaining wall or slope repair project, always call a professional.

Safety is key to this project, and you will need to meet all codes and regulations. 

Additionally, you must pay careful attention to the property line, as well as how the retaining wall will work with the yard drainage system.

You can also combine retaining walls with soil-strengthening techniques such as gabion meshes. These free-draining wire and mesh boxes are filled with stones and other durable materials to reduce movement and combat erosion. They work well with groundwater since drainage is a consideration to keep in mind when it comes to retaining walls. Additionally, if sloped yards require more comprehensive help, caissons, grade beams and retaining wall construction can be installed to prevent property sliding.

Retaining Wall Stabilization

Though you might turn to a retaining wall for slope repair and yard expansion, the wall can also serve as invaluable hillside home stabilization. Whether your previous retaining wall suffered from design flaws or you are seeking an initial installation, a professional retaining wall installation can provide support in securing your home. Hillside homes are more vulnerable during natural events such as landslides, earthquakes, and storms, making stabilization a top priority for these properties.

Since retaining walls play a major role in hillside home stabilization, it’s important to team up with the right contractors for the project. Improperly installed retaining walls can jeopardize the security of the structure, leaving it vulnerable to landslides and seismic activity. If you have any questions about your retaining wall project, consider scheduling an inspection to have one of our professionals evaluate your yard, and discuss your options.

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