Protect Your Los Angeles Home Against Mudslides and Landslides


Mudslides and Landslides are powerful events that not only result in injuries and deaths but also cause damages of over $3 billion annually. Mudslides occur when mud flows off a hill or steep area usually because of torrential rain. Landslides also involve the sliding of rocks, debris or earth down a slope as a result of rain, earthquake or steep slopes. Both mudslides and landslides can cause very bad damage to your home or commercial property if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Mudslides and landslides most often occur on bases of slopes, existing old landslides or at the base of a steep cut slope. The following are some of the ways in which you can prevent or minimize damage to your property.Landslide Threat

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a structure that is build to hold soil and water. Retaining walls are very effective in preventing both mudslides and landslides and they can be built as either piling walls, cantilever walls, anchored walls or gravity walls. Retaining walls should be built by professionally licensed contractors because a weak retaining wall will be swept away and cause more damage to your property.

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Diversion Channels

If your property is directly beneath a hill, it’s vital to have diversion channels in case of mudslides and landslides. These channels will divert the rocks, debris or earth around your property and you should make sure that it is not directed towards your neighbors because you will be liable for any damage, injuries or deaths.


Vegetation with very good root systems are an excellent solution to mudslides and landslides. Having the right amount of plants will prevent mudslides and landslides but having heavy vegetation might also trigger mudslides or landslides.

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Contact a drainage contractor to prevent a mudslide or landslide from damaging your property. Call California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to schedule a free inspection and estimate.