Prevent Soil Erosion This Winter

Soil erosion is when the upper most layer of the soil is moved from one spot to another by a number of agents. Soil erosion mostly occurs during the winter season unlike the other seasons because of agents such as heavy rain, strong winds, mudslides and runoff.timber retaining wall contractor in los angeles

Contrary to popular belief, soil erosion is not only a problem for farmers but is just as bad of a problem for homeowners too. Even though soil erosion is natural, homeowners can take certain measures to prevent soil erosion.

Water Control

Water can cause a number of soil erosion related problems such exposing the tree roots, destroying the soil fertility that is needed for a good landscape and yards can be pretty unsightly after soil deposition. The use of proper drainage systems and the construction of good driveways can help prevent these problems. The use of rain gutters, trench channel drains and and having a professionally installed driveway will help to drain the water without causing erosion.


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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are not only a decoration but they also do serve a number of functional purposes such preventing soil erosion. For houses that are built on hillsides, runoff is inevitable and so is soil erosion which comes with it. A retaining wall will level a steep landscape and prevent runoff which might cause soil erosion.

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Plant Vegetation

Trees or other types of plants have root systems which stabilize the soil and prevent soil erosion. Planting vegetation is the easiest and cheapest way of dealing with soil erosion. You can plant trees, shrubs and flowers as a way of enhancing your yard’s landscape but at the same time use it to prevent soil erosion.

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You need to hire an expert to implement the water control techniques or to build a retaining wall. Contact California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to get a free inspection and estimate.