When Do You Need A Post and Pier Repair Or Reinforcement ?

A post and pier foundation is one of the most preferred types of foundations amongst homeowners because of their ease of access to plumbing and electrical wires through the crawlspace.property retrofitting

In Spite of all the pros of having a post and pier foundation, the fact that it’s built using wood makes it prone to damages. You should be on the lookout for certain signs of post and pier damage in order to prevent serious damage.

Signs Of Post And Pier Damage

  • Cracks Around Windows
  • Sticky Doors or Windows
  • Sloping Floors
  • Uneven Floors
  • Bumps on carpet
  • Broken Floor tiles

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Main Causes of Post And Pier Foundation Damage

Bugs And Rodents

Bugs and rodents will literally eat away your pier and post foundation if not controlled. Calling pest control and setting traps is the best course of action when you notice an infestation of bugs and rodents but prevention is always the best. To prevent an infestation of bugs and rodents, you can take the following actions:

  • Remove termite infested trees near your foundation.
  • Seal all holes and utility entry points to prevent rodents such as mice from entering the crawlspace.
  • Trim all the trees that have branches that are hanging on your roof because rodents might use them as pathways to your house.
  • Remove any food or water sources in  or near the foundation.

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Rotting and Mold

Rotting and mold are a very common problem amongst homeowners with post and pier foundations because wood easily rots when exposed to even small amounts of moisture. To prevent rotting and mold, certain measures can be taken such as preventing the direct contact of wood and concrete by using a sill gasket and preventing any moisture buildup in the crawlspace area.

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Contact a Pier and Post Foundation Contractor

Contact a professional post and pier foundation repair contractor if you notice any signs of post and pier damage to avoid any further damage. Contact California Foundation Works to get a free* foundation inspection. California Foundation Works provides foundation solutions to the Southern Los angeles Areas.