Is Your Parking Lot Flooding ?

One of the most important aspects of a parking lot that is often overlooked is its drainage. Whether the parking lot flooding is natural or man-made, it is a hazard to drivers or pedestrians and is also very damaging to the parking lot.

concrete parking lot

Even though the parking lot might seem like it’s in good condition on the surface, the pooling water will start to eat away the sealcoating and eventually allow water to seep into the pavement and begin to oxidize and deteriorate the pavement. There are three main ways in which experts can deal with this problem of a flooding parking lot.

Parking Lot Slope

The slope of a parking lot forces water to flow to a drain or wherever it is directed instead of pooling on your parking lot. Parking lots are supposed to have a minimum of 1 percent slope in order to adequately drain water without any obstructions. Unlike the other methods of preventing flooding on a parking lot, Sloping your parking lot is the most effective in cases of storms.

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Curbing of your parking lot will prevent water from flowing from the surrounding areas into the parking lot or vice versa. Curbs will also collect water runoff and drain it away as required. Curbs can be built using either asphalt or concrete depending on the the amount of force it’s going to be taking. Compared to asphalt, concrete curbs are very strong and can withstand large amounts of force.

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Patching and Compaction

If your are experiencing parking lot flooding, puddles or low spots then it is most likely due to very heavy traffic or heavy objects above the recommended weight limit were left stationary for a long time or due to improper compaction during construction. To prevent further damage, these depressions will either have to be patched or to get the parking lot reinstalled.

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Contact a Parking lot contractor if you are experiencing any parking lot flooding or puddles. Call California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to schedule a free inspection and estimate.