Do You Need A Crawlspace Encapsulation ?

Moisture problems in your crawlspace are not always easy to notice and worse still not easy to find the right solution once you discover the problem. Crawlspace Encapsulation is usually the best solution to most of the crawlspace moisture problems that you might be experiencing.

Crawlspace Encapsulation is the sealing of the the piers, foundation walls, the ground and vents using a moisture barrier sheet. Crawlspace Encapsulation is recommended for most homeowners with crawl spaces because of the number of benefits that come with having your crawlspace encapsulated.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Encapsulating your crawlspace will improve the air quality in your crawlspace which will in turn improve your indoor air quality. The crawlspace will have dust, mold or mildew which can easily cause health problems if not properly taken care of. Crawlspace Encapsulation will prevent all the odors or dust in the crawlspace from entering your house.

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Energy Savings

Crawlspace encapsulation can save you as much as 20% towards energy costs. Crawlspace Encapsulation prevents outdoor hot air from entering your home, especially during the summer therefore keeping your house cool and preventing high energy cooling costs.

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Prevent Moisture

The main goal of encapsulating a crawlspace is to eliminate moisture which tends to cause all the aforementioned problems such as odors, mold or mildew. All the wooden parts of your crawlspace are sealed off to prevent moisture from causing rot. The prevention of moisture in the crawlspace also discourages the infestation of pests or rodents in your crawlspace.

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