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Mudjacking for Foundation Underpinning Retrofit

Are you concerned about the foundation of your home? If your foundation began to slide or you have noticed a foundation imbalance, a foundation underfitting retrofit will be needed to maintain the integrity of your home’s structure. Two types of underpinning exist in order to ensure effective house repair.

Previously we explored the specifics of piering, a process that installs concrete or steel piers into the ground in order to support the foundation. Depending on the type of pier used, piering can level a house for 20 years up to the remainder of the home’s duration. However, mudjacking provides another solution for foundation retrofit in order to properly level and secure a home.


What is Mudjacking?


Mudjacking provides a simpler solution to foundation underpinning retrofit than piering. Also known as slabjacking, mudjacking involves pumping concrete into the ground under a structure in order to level it. While piering requires extensive evacuation and heavy machinery, mudjacking requires little to no evacuation. To level the structure, contractors drill holes into the foundation in order to open pathways to pump polyurethane or concrete into the foundation in place of soil. If soil remains in the foundation in place of concrete, then the issues will eventually continue for homeowners. A more fortified substance is needed to secure the home.

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Is Mudjacking a Permanent Solution?


Mudjacking is not believed to be a permanent fix for foundation upset. However, it will resolve foundation issues for a significant period of time. Mudjacking is not intended to create a new foundation level, like piering, but it is able to fix the current foundation issues. Since both polyurethane and concrete are reliable substances, they will be able to seal and stabilize the soil surrounding the house. Contact a foundation professional to determine which option will be better suited for your specific foundation issue.

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Is Foundation Underpinning Necessary?


There are a number of situations that specifically require foundation underpinning. Underpinning may be needed if the usage of the structure has been changed, the soil supporting the foundation has changed, nearby construction has affected the foundation soil, to increase the load capacity of the foundation, or as a result of natural causes, such as earthquakes, floods, or droughts. Sometimes, especially in older homes, the original foundation is no longer strong enough, and it is more cost effective to to repair the existing foundation rather than completely construct a new one.


Home repairs can be costly, and they may seem like an overwhelming endeavor for the average homeowner. However, foundation issues cannot be ignored. Not only can foundation damage lower property value and be risky for residents, but ignoring issues can lead to heightened costs over time.


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If you have any concerns about your home’s foundation, turn to an expert to evaluate your situation and help you find personalized solutions. Call California Foundation Works at 323-418-2239 to schedule a free concrete inspection and estimate.

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