Landslide Repair

Los Angeles is a gorgeous city to call home, though the terrain and weather can provide unique obstacles for homeowners. Are you located on a hillside or sloped property in LA?

Discover how you can ensure that your LA property is both secure and well-maintained by learning more about Landslide, hillside, and slope repair services.

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Slope Repair Is a Priority

There are likely a lot of tasks homeowners have to tend to in their lives, but stabilizing the slope of your LA property should be a priority. Los Angeles is susceptible to extreme weather including seismic activity, which could devastate an unstable property. Hillside and sloped property owners need to ensure that their structures are secured before the next earthquake hits, as an earthquake of any magnitude can threaten the structural stability of your property.

landslide repair

Preventative slope repair work is often needed in Los Angeles properties to eliminate the threat of slope failure. Slopes that are not secure can cause serious structural damage to the home, which in extreme cases can cause the structure to slide off the property. Not only is this a financial nightmare, but it can also lead to serious injury for residents. Therefore, services such as landslide repairs must be done before earthquakes, landslides, mudslides, or heavy rain have the opportunity to cause damage. This is the best solution for protecting your property value, investing in the future of your building, and safeguarding residents.

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Hillside & Slope Repair Solutions

How do landscape repair services work? Our team of engineers first evaluates your slope to assess its stability. We then choose an appropriate solution for stabilizing the property. The good news is that hillside repair methods can also be used to expand the usable living space in your sloped Los Angeles property. That means that your property can be improved while also being secured.

Retaining walls are a trusted solution for stabilizing and expanding hillside yards. These reinforced barriers laterally support soil to retain it and secure a sloped property. Retaining walls also work to mitigate soil failure and stabilize inclines. Concrete reinforcement, friction piles, and benching can all be used as landscape repair services as well. These solutions all work to stabilize inclines to secure the soil and expand the usable yard space.

Additional Landslide Repair Solutions

Hillside repair services are needed to correct sloped properties, but there are additional solutions LA homeowners can utilize to keep their landslide healthy. In many cases, yard drainage system installations are essential for maintaining a healthy yard. Yard drainage systems prevent water from entering the home and causing structural damage, and they also protect vegetation and prevent pest infestation and harmful growths. Drainage systems can also provide invaluable protection for hillside properties.

Excessively moist soil can become unstable. This can cause erosion and jeopardize the stability of hillside properties. After installing a hillside repair solution such as a retaining wall, it’s important to ensure that your property is equipped with the right drainage system. A drainage system installation or soil grading service will ensure that the water is being properly redirected off of your property so that it cannot collect and interfere with the soil or the home.

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landslide repair

Starting the Process For Landslide Repair

At California Foundation Works, our team of trained contractors is here to help. Are you worried about your sloped property?

We’ll send a team of experienced contractors to assess your situation. Our engineers can provide an informed estimate to start the landslide repair conversation.

We’ll work with you every step of the way to keep you thoroughly informed and actively involved in the landslide repair process.

When it comes to your hillside Los Angeles property, you cannot afford to wait. Unstable slopes could spell ruin for homeowners and lead to injuries, expensive costs, and even fatalities. Don’t leave your property unprotected with the ever-present threat of earthquakes and other extreme Los Angeles weather. Call California Foundation Works today to get started on securing your hillside property!

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Are you concerned about the slope of your hillside LA property?

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