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Granny Flat ADU Guide

Los Angeles creates the perfect market for building ADUs due to the high volume of traffic it attracts. Many travelers, young couples, and retired workers are seeking a downsized place to reside. The need for affordable housing has been answered by a surge in ADUs, which are also used for various other ventures.

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All About Los Angeles ADUs

An ADU, also known as a granny flat, is a compact living unit that contains sleeping, kitchen, and bathroom space. One ADU can be constructed per single-family residential lot for L.A. homeowners. The ADU is unique because it can be rented independently from the main home. The homeowner has the option to live in the main property or ADU and rent the other unit. They can also choose to rent out both living areas or keep both for personal use.

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There are several different types of ADUs that you can consider for your Los Angeles property. Granny flats are traditionally detached from the home. This often requires building a standalone structure, though detached garage conversion is also an option. Many people turn to garage, attic, or basement conversions to cut down on ADU building costs. L.A. ADUs can also be attached to the main residence as long as they have a separate entrance.

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Why Build An ADU?

People build ADUs to reap the benefits of a tiny home. This unique form of housing is used by many for passive monthly income. ADUs attract young families with parents entering the job market and retired couples who are looking to downsize. Many people want to live in good neighborhoods at affordable prices. Los Angeles ADUs meet these needs for many people.

ADUs are also used for personal reasons, as many decide not to rent the space out full time. Granny flats are excellent for housing friends and family, especially during a pandemic. Some homeowners move in sick relatives so that they can be close but have privacy. ADUs also make for ideal spaces for home offices. They provide the benefits of the main house with added privacy and silence. Others use ADUs as game rooms, family rooms, man caves, hobby rooms, art studios, and more. ADUs create versatile living space for L.A. homeowners.

The ADU Advantage

Renting out ADUs can quickly allow the cost of ADU construction to pay for itself. Additionally, having an ADU on an L.A. property raises property value. Therefore, building an ADU is a project that will be financially advantageous in the long run. ADUs also create versatility. Homeowners can choose to live in their tiny homes or main property. There is also a third option that introduces more renting and living options.

In addition to building an ADU, homeowners also have the option to build a Junior ADU. Like the granny flat, a Junior ADU is a tiny living space. However, it has smaller dimensions than an ADU. The homeowner must live in either the ADU, main house, or JADU if they wish to rent the other two living units out. Los Angeles homeowners have the option to have both an ADU and Junior ADU on their single-family residential lot if they desire.

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We will send out an experienced contractor to assess your property and then we can sit down and discuss your Los Angeles ADU options. Call today to discover the benefits of owning a tiny home in Los Angeles.

We’re happy to answer all questions, review concerns, and provide a comprehensive cost estimate. Our team will be there to guide you through every step of the process. From securing permits to completing the finishing touches, let us be your one-stop-shop for your L.A. construction needs.

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