Foundation Damage Caused By The Storms in Los Angeles

Los Angeles residents have been on their toes as storms have been sweeping through Los Angeles in the past weeks. However the primary concerns for most of the residents are either blocked roads or flooded houses instead of the very costly foundation damage that these storms can cause. Foundation damage caused by the storms in Los Angeles might not be evident right away but it’s advisable to prevent or stop any foundation damage that storms might cause. Foundation damage caused by storms usually happens in two ways.Foundation Damage Repair Los Angeles

Expansive Soils

The most common type of foundation damage by storms is caused by water over-saturation of the soils surrounding the foundation. The expansive soils increase in volume as they come into contact with more water so they exert pressure on the foundation and create cracks which in turn allow water seepage into the foundation. Expansive soils are also known as clay soils and are usually found in coastal areas, that’s why most of Los Angeles is covered in clay soils.

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Settling or Sinking Foundations

Contrary to popular belief, storms can also cause foundation settling and sinking. Foundation settling or sinking is when the soil under the foundation compacts and ends up forming spaces below the foundation which cause it to sink. If the storms flood and cause the soil under the foundation to swell, that will raise the foundation a little and then cause foundation settling when it dries up.

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