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In today’s busy lifestyle, the last thing a busy homeowner wants to worry about and think about is a gradually deteriorating foundation. 

Homeowners should know that if the home is showing signs of bowing, buckling walls, or other signs of deterioration then the foundation is in need of immediate attention.
During winter and summertime, shifting soils and expanding clay soils can damage foundations, causing them to sink and walls and floors to crack.  Chimneys may tilt, doors and windows can be jam, and floors become uneven and sloped. Unfortunately, these foundation problems are just the beginning! 

When foundation problems are ignored, the situation deteriorates, and the problem becomes much more serious, possibly even leading to the complete failure of the foundation system in your home.

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House Foundation Problem?

Prevent this problem right away! California Foundation Works is a foundation repair contractor in the Los Angeles area and fully trained and ready to help you.  The certified foundation repair contractor is an expert structural repair contractor in Los Angeles to work professionally and competently to solve any homeowner’s foundation problems.
What’s causing your foundation to shift?

Is your floor supports system seems a bit off, is your foundation buckle, is your foundation cracked? 

foundation crack

It doesn’t matter what is the cause, we have the best, most efficient solutions for your foundation need!  Call us today for a free foundation inspection!
We specialize in complete construction services – From Start to Finish.

Foundation & Concrete Services We Provide

• Foundation Settlement
California Foundation Works will carefully transfer the weight of your home from unstable soil to rock-solid underground piers hidden from view. Read More

• Foundation Repair
A cracked or bowed foundation can lead to major damage to a home. California Foundation Works offers several solutions to repair a damaged foundation. Read More

• Bowed Walls
California Foundation Works utilizes Wall Anchor System as part of the services offered. The Wall Anchor System is a proven, engineered foundation repair method to secure and stabilize deteriorating basement walls.

• Sinking Slabs
California Foundation Works foundation contractors use engineered methods to deal with sinking or cracking concrete slabs with a cost-effective, permanent solution.

• Slab Jacking
Slab Jacking is a cost-effective alternative to replacing concrete. Mudjacking raises sidewalks, streets, ramps, patios, driveways, floors, parking lots, and garage floors–almost anything that’s concrete.

• Foundation Waterproofing
Foundation waterproofing is a great way to make your basement a safe, dry environment that is ready to be finished into a playroom, office, theater, or whatever else you can imagine.

• Earthquake Retrofitting

• Drainage Installations

California Foundation Works provides each of our clients with top of the line foundation repair solutions that are specially made for durable foundation repairs.
Our foundation repair systems install quickly and without any damage to your home or garden. 

To stabilize and secure your foundation and increase the value of your home, you should take advantage of California Foundation Works’ services to exactly that!

Our Los Angeles foundation team are fixing homeowners’ failing foundations all throughout the Greater Los Angeles area- We would like to assist make your home a safer place!

California Foundation Works is a certified foundation repair and concrete contractor! Call us toll-free today or contact us online.  We’re ready to help with all your foundation issues!  Call us today for a FREE foundation quote and consultation in L.A!

California Foundation Works, brings structural integrity to building and residential foundations, repairing settling, bowing, cracked, and damaged commercial and residential foundations.

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Identifying Foundation Deterioration

Every year sinking foundations, cracked and buckled foundation walls, and cracked and uneven floors affect millions of homeowners in Los Angeles. Buildings located on unstable soils will settle when the foundation is subjected to moisture or poor drainage. A shifting foundation could result in structural damage and potentially, a loss of your investment.
Concrete resurfacing provides new life for stained, cracked, discolored, and chipped concrete to create a cost-effective way to resolve aging concrete.

concrete crack

Why Choose Us?

California Foundation Works is the premier residential and commercial foundation repair specialist in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas in Los Angeles County.California Foundation Works is a specialty foundation repair contractor that has the right solutions for your foundation problems.

We offer a FREE foundation inspection and estimate with no obligation to you, We are here to help you make sure, that your property foundation is seismically safe and there is no hidden danger that might jeopardize you or your loved ones. 

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