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Flood Damage Repair

With the National Weather Service calling the recent Southern California storm the most impressive one to hit the area since 2005, many Los Angeles residents are aware of the threat of floods.

Though LA is known for its year-round sunny weather, residents also contend with flash storms and extreme downpours that can wreak havoc on unprotected homes. Discover what Los Angeles homeowners should know about flood damage repair, including preventative methods for safeguarding their homes and how water can destroy a building.

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Los Angeles Floods Are Destructive

Many people choose to live in LA due to the beautiful weather and ideal location. However, extreme weather occurs for all homeowners. It’s not a matter of if, but rather when the next extreme storm or earthquake will hit the area. That is why Los Angeles homeowners need to put extra care into safeguarding their homes and property.

LA home flood Damage repair

Extreme weather often occurs suddenly, which can leave people caught off guard. By having proper precautions in place, homes can be protected from the devastation that floods can cause. In addition to being fatal, floods can devastate homes. Many people have turned on the news to see homes that are torn apart and even swept away by extreme rainfall. However, there are also other ways that rain can impact and destroy a home without tearing it to pieces.

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How Water Damages LA Homes

When it comes to floods, safety is the number one concern for all people. All people want to feel safe in their homes and know that their property value is protected. Without an adequate yard drainage system that can handle extreme weather, property values are in peril. Storms can swamp landscaping and lead to pests such as mosquitoes breeding. Meanwhile, water can also invade the home and lead to extreme internal property damage.

Water doesn’t need to sweep away a structure to destroy it. When water gets into a home, it can rot the structure. This can lead to foundation damage that requires extensive repairs or even a replacement. Meanwhile, harmful growths including mold, fungus, and bacteria can form and cause health issues for residents. Therefore, what starts as a rainstorm can escalate into having a home with a severely damaged structure in no time.

Yard Drainage Options For LA Homeowners

The best way to avoid the destruction of a storm is to have a yard drainage system in place. Surface drains such as channel drains and trench drains are excellent storm drain options. Such surface drains are designed to remove large quantities of surface water quickly before the water can pool in the yard and cause flooding. Having an additional sump pump is a good idea for homes that contain basements or that are built on sloped properties. Sump pumps rapidly pump accumulated rainwater away from the home to prevent flooding.

French drains are another common yard drainage option that addresses both ground and surface water. These popular LA yard drainage systems are buried underground and are trusted to stop water from damaging the foundation of a building. Some people combine such yard drainage solutions with soil grading and rain gardens, as these combined services freshly slope the yard and create an appropriate outlet for excess water to flow into. Other yard drainage solutions include Flo-Wells, atrium grates, rounded grates, drain boxes, and pop-up emitters

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Los Angeles Flood Damage Repair Solutions

If your Los Angeles property has already been impacted by rainfall, it’s important to act quickly when it comes to repairs. Delaying home repair work often leads to problems getting worse, which means that costs will also rise. A preventative yard drainage system can always be installed, or a preexisting yard drainage system can be inspected and strengthened. The rainy season is a great time to make yard drainage repairs, as system flaws are often more noticeable.

There are also many options for foundation repair. When issues are caught early on, foundation damage can be fixed with repair solutions. However, ignoring the problems can lead to the need for a complete foundation replacement. It’s important to not address seemingly minor issues like cracks in the wall yourself, as they could be indications of a larger foundation issue. Fixing the crack might therefore be covering up a larger problem at hand.

Why Choose California Foundation Works?

If you are a Los Angeles homeowner who is concerned about your yard drainage system or the structural safety of your home, then California Foundation Works is the company for you. Our team of experts has years of pooled experience that we bring to every project. We are proud to be your onestop shop for all Los Angeles construction needs. From yard drainage systems to earthquake retrofits to home repairs and renovations, feel free to call us today if you are considering making any changes to your home or property.

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