Engineering and Foundation Repair

The strong structural engineering of your home provides stability to the entire structure.  Oppositely, even the slightest damage might turn into a huge problem.  Simple foundation damage might worsen, especially when you keep ignoring the issue. Once you spot a few cracks in the foundation of your home, immediate repair is a must. Foundation repair can be done in two ways – DIY (Do It Yourself)or by asking assistance from an expert.

DIY is often preferred by homeowners if the problem is simple. However, if the foundation damage is quite complicated and needs expert assistance, most homeowners seek help from professional foundation repair companies. Since there are multiple foundation repair companies in your local area, you should know the different foundation repair methods that they offer. These methods include foundation bolting, cripple wall bracing, sister foundation, concrete support pads, bell bottom pier, pressed piling, pressed piling with inserts and steel piling method.

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Other foundation repair methods include patching, slabjacking and piering. In most cases, the damage to your foundation starts with a simple crack. This is often caused by ground moisture freezing, thawing or slight shifting of the earth. If the cracks started to expand and become bigger, they allow moisture to leak into the foundation. This condition leads to foundation damages. Aside from drainage solutions which can mitigate the water issue, to repair this crack, installation of injection ports is advised. Slabjacking, on the other hand, is a method wherein the concrete piece is floated back into its original place.  To repair your damaged foundation, a contractor will make holes into the slab and pump in a chemical. This can be waterproofing polyurethane foam. Once the foam gets bigger, it lifts the piece into its right position. In piering foundation repair method, the affected area of the foundation is hollowed up. Piers are situated at main points below the foundation. Hydraulic cement is also injected into the shaft of the pier. The main purpose of this is to provide strength and assist in making the soil more stable.

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Whether you opt to buy or build a house, or to repair your existing foundation, asking assistance from any engineering expert is a must. With the right foundation for your house, rest assured that it will not be prone to problems from any damaging element. You are also certain that your family is in good hands. For homeowners who desire to repair the foundation of their house, the best option is to find a reliable repair company. With their combined expertise and knowledge, you don’t need to worry. You should always expect that everything will go in accordance with your plans. They can immediately fix all the foundation damage and thus give you a remarkable result.

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