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Earthquake Retrofitting in the Summer

We all want our homes to be in their healthiest condition so that we can enjoy them with our families for many decades to come while protecting our property value. Fortunately, the best time for home repair work is upon us as we enter into the warm months.

When it comes to necessary earthquake retrofit projects, the summer provides the ideal opportunity for efficiently and quickly equipping your home with everything it needs to survive the unpredictable greater Los Angeles area earthquakes and extreme weather.

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The Need for Seismic Retrofits

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Los Angeles homeowners are no strangers to both beautiful and extreme weather, with the latter putting earthquake retrofits on many homeowners’ radars. Earthquake retrofits are necessary home projects designed to secure homes during seismic activity. Thousands of soft story structures in Los Angeles alone have been identified as at-risk buildings and have received mandatory orders to comply in the mail specifying that retrofits must be completed within a specific timeline.

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However, many homeowners also wish to undertake seismic retrofit projects with a team of contractors to ensure for both resident safety and protected property value.

The importance of retrofits cannot be stressed enough, particularly for buildings that have existing vulnerabilities. Vulnerable buildings include those with a weakened ground floor that cannot support the structure of the upper floors during seismic activity, often because of large ground floor windows or open parking spaces.

Older buildings and wood-framed buildings run a higher risk of being structurally unsound, as well as buildings that have dated safety codes. Since a home is only as strong as its weakest point, it is necessary to fully secure the building and meet all current construction and safety standards to mitigate the chance for severe structural damage and even collapse. Because earthquakes are unpredictable, it is important to have this process completed as soon as possible.

Advantages of Summer Work

Putting off necessary home repair work can lead to pre-existing issues getting worse, but delaying seismic retrofit work can severely jeopardize the safety of both the home and its residents.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to endure months of construction and hassle. Teaming up with the right contracting team can ensure that your earthquake retrofit is completed both quickly and efficiently to leave your home safeguarded for whenever disaster strikes.
The summer is undoubtedly the best time of year for construction work such as seismic retrofits. Due to the long days and short nights, contractors can fit in many extra hours that will prevent pesky delays.

Another enormous bonus of the summer is the reduction in rainy days, which can halt work and lead to project extensions. The warm, agreeable, predictable weather overall creates the perfect atmosphere for prompt and precise work.
Reliable work is favored for many reasons, namely a quick return back to normalcy for the homeowners.

However, there are also financial benefits to reap from summer construction. Shorter project work times lead to lower costs, which will help with financing the earthquake retrofit. It also means that your home will be fortified in less time, increasing the safety of the residents. This peace of mind is important since earthquakes are unpredictable. Lastly, since many soft-story retrofits are mandatory, acting now will guarantee lower market costs.

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Earthquake Retrofit Process

Understandably, many homeowners panic when they discover a seismic retrofit is needed. However, the process is not nearly as daunting as one might fear. The right team of contractors will be able to provide full guidance throughout each step of the process so that the homeowner will be fully informed about what is occurring in their home, as well as all project progress. The personalized approach will also ensure that the construction is well within individual budgets.

The goal of the retrofit process is to prevent the structure from shifting, sliding, or warping when seismic activity strikes. The best solution for your particular home will depend on individual factors, as well as the extent of current damage and weakened areas. Cripple wall bracing, foundation bolting, and attaching floors to the braced cripple walls are all trusted and durable solutions for earthquake retrofitting.

Foundation bolting prevents the building from sliding off the property by securing it to the ground. Meanwhile, the cripple wall bracing bolsters the building to avoid collapse. Signs that these processes are needed include cracks in the walls, unusually wide cracks, clustered cracks, foundation crumbling, water invasion, warped walls, slanted floors, crooked chimneys, and doors and windows that have trouble opening or closing. If you have any concerns about the structural safety of your home, do not hesitate to contact a contractor as soon as possible.

Why Us?

At California Foundation Works, it is our mission to keep greater Los Angeles area homeowners safe by protecting one household at a time. Seismic retrofits are necessary to ensure a protected home in the face of unpredictable weather. Though home repair projects might seem overwhelming at first, we are here to guide you through every step of the process as we collaborate on constructing your dream home. Ready to get started?    

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