Driveway Drainage Issues After Rain ?

Inadequate drainage can become a serious problem for homeowners in the Los Angeles area for many reasons.

Erosion and cracking of concrete sidewalks & walkways, patio slab floors, retaining walls, fences and foundations are all mostly caused by poor drainage. When water seeps into a gap or crack in these materials, it can put severe pressure on the foundation causing major problems. Here are some of the most visible warning signs of poor drainage:

1. Large Surfaces of Standing Water

On property with good drainage, water must flow away from the home or building and should be directed toward storm drains or other safe areas for water to set off to. Drainage can suffer when your lawn’s grading is simply too flat causing water to pool on your lawn, creating mud and killing patches of grass. Ensure your gutters and downspouts direct water away from your property and foundation. Drainage correction may also involve correcting your property’s grading to ensure water to flows away from your home.

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2. Dead or Dying Plants

Although the plants in your landscaping require water to grow, an excessive amount of water can cause your plants to drown and die. Wilting flowers, browning leaves, and rotting roots can all be signs of poor drainage in your landscaping. If you have slopes, ensure runoff water is directed to a drainage system such as a pipe or a ditch. Ensure slopes are stable or runoff water could cause erosion or landslides. Design your landscape so that water flows away from your home and ends up in the street drain. The longer poor drainage exists in landscaping around the exterior of your home, the more likely erosion will occur, often exposing your foundation and contributing to damage.

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3. Damage to Your Home’s Foundation

Damage to your home’s foundation will either be caused or exacerbated by poor drainage. As water leaks into the foundation it can cause it to deteriorate and wear away, causing it to sink and settle improperly. This often results in problems all around the home such as the development of cracks in the walls, sticking doors or windows, and more.

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Drainage issues need to be addressed early to prevent severe damage and costly foundation repairs in the long term. If you are dealing with drainage or foundation problems, give our office a call at 323-418-2239 and we will provide you with a free* on-site assessment and estimate.