Do You Have a Sinking Driveway ?

A compromised driveway is not only unsightly but it is also not safe for you and your family. Sinking of the driveway will just continue to get worse if it is not addressed on time. There are many reasons as to why you might have a sinking driveway.

Improperly Prepared Base

If the foundation of your driveway is not properly prepared, you will begin to experience sinking driveway problems within months or years of installation. A good driveway contractor will adequately prepare the base of the driveway by either adding materials such as crushed stones or by compacting the soils before pouring the asphalt or concrete.

Water Seepage

If water is allowed to easily seep into the base of your foundation, it will cause mud and allow the driveway to start sinking. Water can seep into your driveway through cracks if they are not promptly fixed. Broken sewer or water lines usually cause driveway problems because they are not easily noticed and it will be worse by the time you are able to see the problem.

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Environmental Factors

Environmental factors such as expansive soils, seismic activity or sinkholes will also play a role in sinking your driveway. Expansive soils are soils that expand when they come in contact with water and shrink when they run out of moisture. Expansive soils will either raise your driveway or cause it to sink.

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Contact a driveway contractor when you begin to experience a sinking driveway or when you suspect any problems. Contact California Foundation Works for a free driveway Inspection and Estimate.