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Different Types of Drainage Systems

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Have you noticed drainage system failures in your yard? From soggy areas to destroyed vegetation and water intrusion, the effects of a problematic drainage system can really bring down your property value and shorten the life of your landscape. Fortunately, there are a variety of drainage system solutions that Yard Drainage Los Angeles can customize to meet your unique needs. While a trained contractor can come in and evaluate your yard to determine the best solution for your problem, it’s always beneficial to know your options. Allow us to break down the different types of drainage systems, as well as their advantages and unique characteristics to help you determine which solution is best for your yard.

Spot Solutions

If you are only noticing small issues with water accumulation, then spot solutions might be all your yard needs to clear out a little bit of excess water buildup and prevent future occurrences. Spot solutions provide simple remedies that allow you to directly address the problem at its source. For example, a single source of water accumulation might be the result of a poorly directed gutter downspout, which can easily be corrected. Simple Catch Basin or Drain Boxes can also be installed to guide water away from the house and into a local sewer line. 

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Allow one of our experts to examine your water buildup to determine the extent of the damage, and then we can work on installing one of these simple and effective solutions.

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French Drains

French drains are recognized as one of the most popular drainage solutions. They are intended to help more extensive drainage issues for yards that are in need of directing the flow of water away from the house. French drains are ideal for hillside homes and homes built on sloped properties. French drains make for an aesthetically pleasing drainage solution since they consist of a perforated pipe that is buried in a trench underground and then surrounded by porous gravel that will allow the water to drain through it and into the French drain. French drains are adept at moving water away from the home over large distances without having any pipes sticking out and disrupting the appeal of your yard. Another very similar solution is the curtain drain, which is essentially a French drain variation that is dug slightly more shallow. Both of these drainage solutions are more effective for yards that are elevated since gravity will aid in moving the water away from the home.

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Drainage Gutter

Surface Drains

Extensive drainage problems may call for more extensive solutions. If you are experiencing a severe drainage problem in your yard, then a surface drain might be the best option for you. Surface drains are noted for their large flow rate, which allows them to remove large amounts of water in a small amount of time. They are also favored for their low clog tendency, which makes them hard working and low maintenance solution. The surface drain involves a catch basin that is essentially a box placed in the ground near problematic areas. Water is able to easily flow through the grate in the box’s top, while debris settles at the bottom to prevent clogs. 

The water will flow out of an outlet trap thanks to an underground pipe system that will carry it away from the home and to a local sewage plant or another appropriate area. You can also install drain boxes or catch basins around the foundation exterior to waterproof the property perimeters and pull water away from the home. These options involve digging trenches and filling them with gravel for a smooth draining.

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Trench Drains

This drainage system is often included as a part of a backyard drainage design. Trench drains are simply comprised, consisting of a simple trench design. The trench will have a grate to cover it in order to prevent the drain from becoming clogged by objects. Trench drains are noted for being used on paved surface in order to redirect water away from the house and areas where runoff might be currently conglomerating. Trench drains are often used in pools, patios, and even driveways. They are favored for coming in a variety of sizes and widths that make them easy to incorporate with landscaping or structural designs. A newer form of the trench drain, known as the slot drain, is ideal for backyard drainage designs due to its durable drainage channel. Unlike traditional trench drains, slot drains do not require grate coverings. They also are slimmer in design without sacrificing any of the efficiency of trench drains.

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Sump Pump

This drainage solution is commonly installed in a basin underneath a crawl space. Sump pumps are designed to pump water away from the home. This prevents water from pooling and causing possible foundation damage. Sump pumps are beneficial for houses with basements or for houses that are built on a lower lot than the street level, as one of their key functions is to prevent the basement from flooding. Sump pumps can also be used to keep the area under the home dry and prevent flooding of the foundation.

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Additional Solutions

While the aforementioned drainage solutions represent the more popular options on the market, at Yard Drainage Los Angeles we are able to install any kind of drainage solution that meets your needs. Our solutions also include options such as rounded grates, pop-up emitters, atrium grates, flo-wells, and channel drains. Our team of drainage experts are here to examine your property and offer a custom solution that will fit all of your drainage desires. It’s our mission to protect your property value and preserve the lasting durability of your home, and we’re happy to guarantee that our superior services will leave your yard thriving for years to come.

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