What If You Delay Foundation Repair ?

It’s human tendency to put off certain tasks such as home maintenance but foundation repair is one of those tasks that you should never put off.foundation repair

There are a number of reasons as to why you should never put delay foundation repair.

Foundation Damage Gets Worse

Damaged foundations should be quickly fixed because the damage will only gets worse. Usually the damage begins with the foundation then spreads to the walls in form of cracks inside or outside of the house, spaces between the walls and floors, stuck windows and doors or sloping floors. It’s important to not delay foundation repair and stop the damage from spreading while you still can. Contact a foundation Contractor as soon as you see any signs of foundation damage.

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Decreases Your Home’s Value

A home with a damaged foundation is not only an eyesore to look at but its value greatly diminishes too. It is estimated that a house with a damaged foundation will typically lose between 15% to 20% of its value if the seller is able to find a buyer. The law requires the seller to notify the buyer of any foundation damage and the buyer is advised to have a professional foundation inspection to avoid costly repairs after purchasing the house.

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The Repair Costs Go Up

The more damage a house experiences, the more costly the repairs will be.  It’s advisable to immediately contact a professional foundation contractor when you suspect any damage. Waiting for a month to do foundation repair can not only double the cost of foundation repair but might triple it.

Don’t Delay Foundation Repair, Contact California Foundation Works

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