Common Misconceptions About Foundations

Because of how important a foundation is, a lot of people will tend to believe in certain negative misconceptions about foundations that are simply not true. The following are some of the most common misleading misconceptions about foundations:   

Foundation Repairs Affect the Sale

There’s a false belief amongst homeowners that a house with prior foundation repairs will not fare well on the market when you decide to resell it. This is a false misconception about foundations because in actuality if you have a foundation repair by a reputable contractor, that in itself is beneficial and might help to sell the house faster. However for the foundation work to be beneficial towards you selling your house, you have to use a reputable and licensed contractor and structural engineer.

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Foundations Repairs are Costly

Even though foundation repairs have a reputation of being costly, that is not always the case and the total cost is usually dependent on the scope of work. Even though some repairs might be deemed costly, they prevent even more costly repairs that might arise in the future because of a lack of those repairs, so in the long run you are saving yourself some money. The cost of foundation repair is mostly dependent on factors such as method used to repair the foundation, type of foundation, location of the damage and degree of damage.

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Avoiding Foundation Damage

It’s advisable for homeowners to do whatever they can to avoid foundation damage but it’s impossible to prevent it. Homeowners are told to keep plumbing joints from leaking, keep bushes or trees from growing near the foundation and to also have a proper drainage system but that alone won’t prevent foundation damage because at times expansive soils or poor construction materials are what causes foundation damage. Having regular foundation inspections is the best way of keeping your foundation in excellent condition because your can detect early damage.

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It’s important to be correctly informed as a homeowner on how to take care of your foundation. It’s advisable to call a foundation repair expert if your house hasn’t had a foundation inspection in a long time or you suspect any foundation damage. Call California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to schedule a free foundation inspection and estimate.