6 Common Causes of Foundation Damage

Foundation damage is caused by a number of factors, factors which are either caused by homeowners or by nature.

As a homeowner you should know what might cause foundation damage to your property and be able to prevent it or call an expert when you notice any signs of foundation damage. Here are the most common causes of foundation damage:

Water Damage

Water can cause damage to your foundation in many ways, and as a homeowner you should be able to identify how water is affecting your foundation. Plumbing leaks are one of the leading causes of foundation damage because they are not easily identifiable until the damage is done.

Gutters that don’t direct water away from the foundation can also cause foundation problems when the water drains to the foundation. Another way water can affect your foundation is by having excessive moisture in the soil which will make the soil expand and this expansion is likely to cause foundation damage.

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Harsh weather conditions such as extensive heat or cold can cause a lot of damage to your foundation. A drought can cause extensive loss of moisture in the soil surrounding your foundation, therefore making it to contract and cracking the foundation in the process. During winter the soils tend to expand because of excessive moisture which ends up cracking your foundation.

Inferior Foundation Construction Practices

Most of the older buildings that were built before the 1960’s were built using inferior practices. Most of the older buildings were built using poor materials and techniques so they tend to have problems.

Soil Conditions

Certain soil types can contribute to the depreciation of your foundation. Clay soils which are also known as expansive soils can negatively affect  your foundation because of their ability to expand in the presence of excess moisture and contract when there is loss of moisture. Other problematic soils include sand, rocks and spongy soils made up of organic matter such dead plant.

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Bad Ground Preparation

Bad ground preparation is also a main factor in foundation damage. Poorly graded site surfaces will easily settle because of poor materials and construction practices.

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs on your yard can also be the real reason why your foundation in damaged. Trees that require a lot of water should not be in your yard because they will cause rapid loss of moisture in the soil around your foundation which might cause it to expand, therefore causing foundation damage.

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