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Bowing Foundation Walls

Owning a home in the greater Los Angeles area is a dream come true for many people. However, home maintenance is essential to protecting your property value and keeping your structure secure.

If you have noticed the walls or floors in your property have begun to warp, don’t panic. Discover what there is to know about bowing foundation walls for your LA property.

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Bowing Foundation Walls 101

One common but often serious foundation issue for Los Angeles homeowners is bowing foundation walls. Bowing walls indicate that the foundation of the home is experiencing inward movement. This is a sign of instability that could threaten the structural security of the home if it isn’t addressed in a timely fashion. Often bowing walls are identifiable to LA property owners. However, some homeowners might miss key warning signs.

Bowing foundation wall

Homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area must be aware of the health of their property. Since seismic activity can affect LA residents at any time, foundation damage can quickly lead to property damage and jeopardize resident safety in the event of an earthquake. The best way to guard both residents and property value is to make sure that all foundation issues including bowing walls are addressed as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Causes of Bowing Walls

Several leading causes contribute to foundation issues in LA. However, expansive soil is often the culprit when it comes to bowing walls. Bowing walls are a sign of structural instability, which is often triggered by expansive soil. Soil expands with moisture and contacts during dry periods. This process can place pressure on the foundation of the home and lead to issues such as cracks and shifts in the foundation.

The interior walls of your Los Angeles building are likely experiencing a bowing or warped effect because of the soil outside of the building. Other issues that exacerbate hydrostatic pressure include local construction, heavy rainfall, invasive tree roots, drainage system failure, yard grading issues, and extreme weather. Other elements of the property that can cause the foundation to experience hydrostatic pressure issues include paved surfaces such as driveways, patios, and even porches.

Signs of Bowing Walls

Expansive soil and hydrostatic pressure can often cause visible signs of foundation damage. Doors and windows that have difficulty opening, leaning chimneys, and warped floors are all signs that something is amiss. Water intrusion is also a major indicator that something is wrong with your property. Homeowners should take signs of bowing walls very seriously and immediately schedule a professional property inspection.

Horizontal cracks on foundation walls are often a major warning sign of bowing walls. Water leaking through the foundation walls is also a clear indicator of hydrostatic pressure. Bowing walls also have a visibly buckled appearance that is often easy for LA homeowners to spot. Bowing walls are a sign of pressure, and they indicate a major foundation security flaw. It is essential for LA property owners to professionally address bowing walls as soon as possible.

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Bowing Wall Solutions In LA

How can bowing walls be remedied for Los Angeles homeowners? Contractors will take steps to secure the foundation. Stabilizing the walls of the building can straighten the appearance and prevent serious property damage. Oftentimes, homeowners also install yard drainage systems if drainage failure also contributed to foundation problems. Many contractors follow a reliable process for securing and stabilizing the building foundation.

Contactors first determine where the home needs to be anchored before digging holes and preparing the new foundation wall. They then attach the anchor to the property to stabilize the home with as little invasion as possible. Wall anchors are tightened for maximum stability, while the landscaping around the property can be restored. Foundation repair specialists can also provide other solutions to remedy bowing walls depending on the exact nature of the situation.

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Why Us?

Some signs of foundation damage are visible to the naked eye, though professional home inspections are still needed to determine the nature of the issues and uncover the root cause of foundation problems. That’s why it’s always essential to turn to a professional if you suspect that your Los Angeles property may be experiencing foundation issues.

At California Foundation Works, we pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop that you can turn to for your full contracting needs. We service residential and commercial buildings in the greater Los Angeles area to provide premium services at competitive prices. Our team has decades of experience to back our work and we rely on communication, efficiency, and quality for each project we undertake. Call today to begin discussing your LA construction needs.

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