Are Engineering Reports Needed or Not?

Often when embarking on a foundation repair project it is unknown if an engineering report will be necessary or not.Foundation Repair

Some project do not require engineering reports and can be done based on pre-approved plans, but there are some cases where an engineering report is not only required by law but also preferable to ensure proper planning.

There are two main types of engineers a foundation company will employ, one is a soil engineer to take soil samples and determine the quality of the soil beneath your home and the depth of the bedrock or stable soil. The other type of engineer is a structural engineer. Their job is to read and interpret the soil report and design the proper plans for construction based on the soil report determinations.

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Soil reports, as stated above, are not always needed, there are many projects and solutions that either have pre approved plans or do not require plans at all, but some do and it is critical to obtain proper reports. It can be a situation where the solution recommended by the foundation company is too much and the engineering reports will show that so much work is not necessary, saving you money and time. The opposite could be true as well, the foundation specialist cannot always be sure of underlying conditions and a soil report will show exactly how deep and how extensive a solution will need to be to resolve the issue. This will also save you money down the line, avoiding more costly repairs that were unforeseen at the time.

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We want the best solution for our customers and we work closely with both properly trained and well experienced soil and structural engineers to ensure the best, most long lasting and safest solution for you. Each property is different and the underlying conditions are case specific, so when necessary, we always recommend relying on the expertise of the engineering reports. Always better safe than sorry!

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