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5 Myths About Foundation Repair

With earthquakes lurking on the horizon, foundation repair is especially important for Los Angeles area residents.

However, not all of the information about foundation repair is accurate. Let’s explore some of the top myths surrounding foundation repair information to uncover the truth about this vital home repair service.

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MYTH: Foundation damage is due to how the home was built

While some cases of foundation damage are due to an initial construction flaw, that is not the leading cause of foundation damage.

Foundation damage is a natural process that occurs over time, as a degree of settlement is something that should be expected for all homes. The reason why settlement occurs is almost always directly linked to the soil beneath the home.

foundation underpinning

Soil expands in wet periods and contracts in dry periods. This can create an unstable base for the home, with constant changes pressuring the foundation base to cause cracking. However, this is not something that will be caused by slightly overwatering your yard vegetation. Having lush plants and landscaping can keep soil healthy since roots absorb water and act as a barrier.

Therefore, it’s important to maintain consistent vegetation watering, especially during droughts if possible. Other causes of foundation issues can be due to environmental problems, invasive tree roots, local construction, and seismic activity.

MYTH: Foundation repair is an extremely expensive project

While foundation repair can be expensive, routine inspections and home maintenance will help you keep track of problems and attend to them quickly. That means that there is a good chance your foundation repair might not be as extensive as you fear. Therefore, don’t worry about the price until the evaluation has been professionally performed and payment options have been discussed.

Foundation repair will cost money, but that money won’t be your undoing. Talk with your contractor about project budgeting, potential insurances, payment options, and ways to save money. In some cases of necessary retrofitting projects in Los Angeles, there are ways to apply for reimbursement. Seeking multiple quotes before working with a trusted contractor is one way to ensure that you won’t be overspending.

MYTH: Cracks are a sign of a bad home that shouldn’t be sold

Cracks are one of the easiest to spot problems for homeowners. Many believe that cracks are a sign of foundation damage, though they are more likely a symptom of something occurring. It is important to remember that cracks indicate different things. They are not necessarily a sign of extreme foundation problems.

More definite signs of foundation damage include windows and doors that have trouble opening and closing, cracks in beams and walls, slanted ceilings and floorboards, crooked chimneys, and a leaning home. Some cracks are mere surface issues that can be plastered easily. However, it is extremely important to not blindly fill in cracks.

If cracks are an indication of a larger foundation issue, then filling in the cracks is akin to putting a bandaid on a broken bone. Filling a crack or leak is only a surface solution that will not address any underlying issues. It’s always important to have a contractor inspect the cracks and determine the extent of potential damage before any repairs are made.

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foundation repair

MYTH: Homes with foundation damage should be avoided

While the idea of a “dream” home is one with a perfect foundation, this isn’t always the reality.

The truth is that any home, no matter the age, can suffer from foundation damage. If you own a home for many decades, it’s highly likely you will deal with foundation issues at some point. 

That doesn’t mean that you need to deal with foundation repairs on top of the stress of buying a new home, but it also means that you don’t have to eliminate a home because of foundation issues. Instead, understand what condition the home is in and what solutions are available.

Fortunately, there are a wide array of foundation solutions available for homeowners these days. Investing in the foundation of your home is also investing in the property value and the safety of residents. A properly installed foundation can last for many successful decades, so improving the foundation of a home now can save you a headache down the line. Remember that almost all foundation problems can be fixed. Just be sure to book an inspection and be aware of potential problems and solutions before signing your name to any home.

MYTH: Homeowners should wait for the “right” time for repair

Understandably, homeowners worry about the cost of foundation repair because they aren’t aware of available payment resources. This can lead to avoiding repair work and delaying repairs until the homeowners feel more financially secure.

Unfortunately, this is a very dangerous idea that will only lead to costs escalating. When homeowners ignore necessary repair work, they run the risk of problems getting worse. That means that a simple case of foundation repair might turn into an entire foundation replacement. Not only is this considerably more expensive, but it’s also more time-consuming and invasive.

Delaying repairs also threaten the safety of residents. Since earthquakes can strike the greater Los Angeles area at any time, homes must be properly reinforced to withstand seismic impact. Foundation issues almost always get worse over time. It does no favors to your wallet or building residents to delay necessary foundation repairs.

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